WELCOME to my updated home page!

Because the old page I had did not properly work with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and because of lack of time, I designed this new web page, which will mainly contain pictures.  I really want to apologize if this is an inconvenience for those of you who have a modem, but I just felt like I need to share some of the nice things here with you all! Anyway, this page will be constantly updated with new pictures and/or texts, presentations of life at University College, information about Romania and the Netherlands. 
For those of you who want to see my Dutch language abilities, I am sorry but I will have to disappoint you! I cannot go further than "Hoi" (Hi), Goedemorgen (guess you can figure out what that means for yourself), and some other basic words… As soon as I get better in it, I will have a Dutch frame for you! 
Although at this time most of this page is still under construction, please come back often for new-added items! Student life means a lot of work here, so I cannot spend my whole time working on this page, you know… :)
Well, I really hope you enjoy it!  Have a nice surf!


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