You want to call me or someone from Romania from other country, but not from the United States? Don't know how to dial? Here's your answer! Okay, for example, say you want to call me. ! :) My number is 011-404-162-4613, as dialed from the US. But if you are in Europe, you will have to dial: 00-404-162-4613. To make it even more clear, let's break it apart!
 00 40 41 624613

Okay, let's see, "00" is the International Access Code, "40" is Romania's access code, "41" is the Constanta County area code, and "624613" is my number! Wasn't that easy? :)
If, after reading this, you are still not able to call Romania from your country, call your AT&T, Sprint or MCI operator for further assistance!